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Tony lifted his head to study Loki. He wasn’t just offering a bottle of lube in that gesture, he was offering himself. In that instant, Tony could see every shred of want in Loki’s eyes, every bit of defeat and resignation to Tony’s will, and the fact that Tony had reduced a God to that state sent waves of so many feelings though him that he couldn’t decipher them all.

But he did know that Loki had waited enough. He’d put up with Tony’s torture long enough, and frankly, Tony wasn’t sure he could wait any longer either.

He pulled back, resting a hand under the small of Loki’s back to gently lower him back down to the bed, the other hand reaching for the lube, which he made quick work of using.

With one final turn of his head and kiss to the ankle, Tony lined himself up with Loki, too impatient to waste time with preparing him any further. He was sure a God could handle it - whatever pain he might inflict. He didn’t want to make Loki wait a moment longer.

With a fleeting look of reassurance, Tony leaned forward, pressing his lips into the crook of Loki’s neck and shoulder and his cock into Loki’s tight entrance as a broken gasp escaped him.